Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

"Take what you will from it..."

It was really excellent, the entire concert. But I, of course, had my biases. I wish I could play the piano, just so I could perform the second part of "Light as Tomorrow".

Brandon looked great. So did I, mind you, but I don't just mean what he wore. He was nervous it wouldn't come out right. And then, they played it. We all clapped. We went to the reception. They all told him what they thought, and he smiled. It was the highlight of the evening, that smile.

There were other good parts. All the other composers were quite talented, and I met some of the people I'd heard so much about in stories. And they all thought I looked pretty, hehe. I hope our pictures all come out well.

Watching him up there, talking, listening to his music, it was such an odd emotion. I was happy for him, but there was more...just, I don't even know. Like pride and awe and love all mixed up into some emotion they don't have a name for. I can't even be sure if that was all that was in it. But it was a good feeling. And I hope he felt a portion of it too.

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