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05 February 2002 @ 01:51 pm
Breathe in, Breathe out...  
Okay, I went to Religion where I sit next to Trang, who is also in my Japanese class. I told her about my daily point value. At first, she was "How is that possible?" We were both pretty amazed.

I told her I couldn't believe I was failing. This is when she pointed out that, in fact, I wasn't actually failing. Sure, it's a pretty lousy score, but it's only the first two weeks. And then, she reminded me that your daily point score only counts for 35% of the grade. Quizzes, homework, interviews are all counted separately, as are the three exams. And while there is some definite catching up to do in the daily points, I'm far from failed. I remembered I did really well on all my homework assignments and quizzes. I'm not failing.

It wasn't a false alarm, just a yellow alert, not a red one. Perhaps this will be good motivation for me to become more proficient in the things daily points are all about - listening comprehension and pronunciation.

I'm not doing great, but I suppose now, I'm more determined than I was to become great.

That being said, it's time to get studying. Benkyoo-shimasu yo!

P.S. - To all who responded to my last post...thanks. It still means a lot to me.
Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Mellenabsentmammoth on February 5th, 2002 09:03 pm (UTC)
Oh, dear...
Trang is a very nice Vietnamese girl, not a talking brain. Nor does she have pointy teeth or bad speech. She certainly kicks my ass in Japanese, that's for sure.

But yes, I know who you mean. It's hard to forget Krang, the evil disembodied villian from Dimension X.