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Happiness is a Warm Bed

John Lennon was close, but not quite. I have found I love nothing more than being able to sit and sleep in a comfortable, warm bed. It holds even more true at this time of year, when it's so cold outside. I think that's why I hate mornings--they make me leave my bed. Still, it could be better. I could, you know, be able to SLEEP. Seems the only times I CAN sleep are the times I must get up for school. I wouldn't mind getting up so much if it didn't deprive me of what is usually the only sleep I ever get. I would be able to sleep at night if I had someone to sleep with, wherein lies my problem. Just to cuddle up with and listen to breathe to help me drift off. Even if this wasn't forbidden in my house, there is still no one who would do so. I sleep with my arms wrapped around whatever is big enough to make it comfy, typically a pillow or a large stuffed doggie named Jo-Jo. It's no substitute for the comfort of another human being to wrap my arms around. Being in a cozy warm bed is blissful, but such bliss decreases if not shared. Until then, Jo-Jo will have to do. I hope he appreciates it.

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