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Meanwhile, back on the farm...

Came back to school yesterday at 6:00 am. I went to my first class at 8:30, scared out of my mind I'd forgotten all my Japanese and hadn't studied enough.

I was relieved to find not only had I studied more than the entire class combined, we talked in English about our summer trip for half of the class. Right now, it looks like it will be May 25--June 10, though it may be cut short by the World Soccer Tournament which is going to be in Japan this year. I don't need to pay for travel, accommodations or food. The school will be picking up the bill. All I have to bring is spending money, clothes and a passport.

I had Japanese Civilization also, and it's going to be a stellar class it seems. While the books cost an arm and a leg, they all look really interesting. We'll be watching a few films too, one of which happens to be Seven Samurai. What luck!

Today, I've done the Japanese thing, and it's break time until 11:30, when I have Religion 101, then Theater 204 at 2:30. Let's hope they all go well.

The best thing so far about my classes though would definitely be the fact there's time for a short nap between all of them ^_^

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