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The time has come...

Monday it's back to school. I'm glad in some ways, but a bit sad in a few others.

I'll be glad to have my broadband back, that's for sure. I'll be glad to have the freedom to go and do pretty much whatever I please for however long I like. I guess having some new classes will be good too.

I'm kinda sad I didn't get to spend more time with my sister. Granted, I slept mostly while she was at school, and come evening, when she was home, I went out with friends. It was nice to see other people on vacation, but I really think maybe I should have spent more time with the kid. Hopefully, I'll be able to have her overnight at school sometime soon. Her birthday's coming the 27th, so I'll probably be home for that too.

I also didn't do nearly enough reading or studying, two things I really wanted to do. Well, I've got a few more days, I'll have to use some of that time for these things, now that most of my other friends have already returned to school.

I really fucked up my sleep schedule too, but as always, that's part of my life. I'll get into the swing of 4-5 hours of sleep again soon enough, along with waking at 7 or so. Bleh. Something I'm definately not looking forward to doing.

Monday's the day...let's see if I can't soak up these last rays of vacation resourcefully.

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