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Not so guilty...

Something I'll proudly admit having seen today, however, was Amelie. A film that manages to be cute without being cheesy, sweet without being sickeningly saccrine, and overall excellently done. Solidly good and entertaining, I recommend it highly. The French may be gits, but they do know how to make some damned good movies.

Patrick, Brandon and I also attended Orange County the other night, and I at least was disappointed. I'd heard good things about this film, and while it certainly had a few good moments, it was pretty poor otherwise. I can't really say I liked it, but I didn't particularly hate it, so I suppose that's good enough for some people.

It's rather funny to note, however, whenever we (aforementioned group) go to the movies, there is always some point at which we laugh while the rest of the theater remains silent. We got the joke, but no one else did. This happened at Ocean's 11. It happened again in Vanilla Sky. Then in Orange County. We did it again tonight at Amelie. It's actually kind of amusing to see no one else got it. Makes it just a little bit funnier.

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