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There's something in the air...

Yesterday, I bought a David Bowie CD: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. And you thought Sgt. Pepper had a long title ^_~ I had it on cassette ages ago, and have long since lost it. Figured I'd get it on CD and keep a hold of it this time.

I also saw American Psycho for the first time. And something about it freaked me out. No, it wasn't the massive killings and the kinky sex. Not even the film's twist ending did it, though that was very crazy.

It was the fact that it had David Bowie's Something in the Air as it's end theme.

For those of you who also saw Memento, you may recall it had the SAME SONG playing as its credits rolled.

What are the odds of that, and seeing them in such close proximity?

It almost makes me wish I'd bought this album instead. Maybe next time.

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