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"A woman needs security like a man needs approval..."

Today, Melissa and I were discussing the strange marital tendencies of people we knew in high school. Seems every week I hear a story that starts "Hey, did you know so-and-so got married to whats-is-name?" I can't believe people I knew in high school, most of them younger than me, are getting married. Having babies. Sometimes both.

Yet at the same time, she brought up the point that we're actually starting to look around "like we're not dating for prom dates, we're dating for fathers." While we both are firm in our resolution not to marry anytime in the near future, it is something we've both noticed. Maybe it's hormones, our biological clocks ticking, or some onset of emotional maturity in the search for a mate. To quote Melissa again, we're not looking to play for keeps, but "we're thinking of it now...prepping for keeps."

It's a strange realization to make that I am indeed, prepping for keeps. Every time I thought "Wow, he'd make a really good father," about someone, I kinda shook it off. Just sentiment. But now, perhaps I am actually looking for a husband/father figure. Perhaps my senses want me to take notice of it.

It's hard to imagine myself as a wife and mother right now. Yet, I can't say that I've planned not to be one. I'd like to get married some day. I'd like to have kids. But not today, and not for some time still...right now, college and possibly a full-time career are the focus. I can deal with life a day at a time, and I don't worry about the mating game.

Still, I know I'm prepping for keeps now.

Random musical note: Gaelic Storm is the CD I bought for my father this Christmas. It was in the CD drive, and I'm giving it a listen as I wrote this post. I couldn't help but laugh a little at the lyrics in this song:

When she gets a lad of her own,
She won't tell her ma when she comes home.
Let them all come as they will,
It's Patrick Murphy she loves still.

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