Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

Only in Japan they call him Annual Gift-Giving Man and he lives on the moon...

Presents, cards and packages for the most undeserving me!! Here are some of the happy making things I've recieved from some wonderful people:

Ryoko sent a package over. She sent us cards, pictures, Lotte Blueberry Gum galore, and I got an origami box and pin, some more hand-writing books to practice my Kanji, and an adorable Hello Kitty pillow. She's such a great little sister! I'm going to be sending her package a little late, as she knows, but if anyone wishes to contribute, let me know.

My wonderful Geisha-chan was quite clever and got me a beautiful geisha doll. I was more excited, however, that he liked the movies I got him (Akira and The Rock). Much love and kisses to him. "A geisha for a geisha...or from a geisha...or something!"

There are so many parties I have been asked to attend, I don't know how many I will actually be able to make, but I thank everyone for the invites. I will definately make it to Katie's for a while, because I promised
I would attend this year.

In a completely unrelated note, I was very amused by the results of my Kevin Smith chick test, so I'll post it. I just can't help it ^_^
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You're a very open and adventurous person, you've been around the block and back several times. Yet, as all people do, you realize that this life style cannot go on forever and need to settle down. Hopefully as more time progresses you'll stick to one gender and not be so greedy!
Take The "Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?" Quiz!!

With no connection on my computer and only dial-up on the home machine, I probably won't be on much or posting a lot, but I wish everyone a very merry time.