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The singularity of human nature

People will never cease to amaze me. I really don't understand how they operate. Not always a bad thing, but something that makes me wonder.

Here's an example of what I mean. I have a friend from school, a good guy, I've known him since sophomore year. We've got a couple classes together, worked on Chem labs, and he occasionally pokes fun at me for dropping calculus. Today, rather out of the blue, he IMs me, and we start to have a very serious conversation. No chit chat or idle talk first, just right into a topic that was really giving him a lot of trouble. I talked to him for a some time, and it was a very interesting discussion. At one point, I asked him a question and he responded with, "I think you know me better than that". I thought that was very interesting. When I thought about it, I guess he was right, but I had never really considered myself that close to him. He and I are friends, but we had never talked on such a serious level before. It was clear he needed to talk, and I was more than happy to listen, of course, and offer what measely advice I could.

I was really glad he felt he could talk to me about what was troubling him. Yet, what was it that inspired him to come to me with it? Most of the people who talk to me on such a serious level do so because we have a bond formed by emotions and experiences together, usually hard ones. He and I have no such bond, however. So, what is it that made him feel comfortable enough to talk to me about what he was going through?

By no means am I upset this sort of thing happens. It just puzzles me. I have a very analytical mind, and I dislike not understanding things. Times like these, even if they are little incidents, prove to me that I shall never understand human beings. Nor, I think, shall I ever understand the way in which each one of them views me. It doesn't worry me, but it makes me wonder.

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