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Everyone needs a little TLC...and Discovery Channel...and 'GBH 2...

I didn't have cable TV for 18 years. I'd lived on PBS all that time, watching Nova and Britcoms and anything else I found vaguely interesting.

Now, I have cable here at school. And what do I watch here? TLC, The Discovery Channel and good ol' Boston PBS, 'GBH 2. Occasionally, if these three have nothing good on, I'll try Cartoon Network or Sci-fi or maybe Comedy Central, then give up. After that, there just isn't anything all that worthwhile.

It's true, I'm addicted to educational television. It's not only entertaining, it's educational. Television that's fulfilling to watch. I think that's why I did so well in high school...PBS filled my brain with useless data that sounded SMARTER than the useless data the other kids got from cable. I just...ooh, it's so good. Watching programs about Joseph Merrick and quantum singularities hold so much more of my interest than sitcoms and newsmagazines. It's just damn good programming.

Brandon commented on how amazing it is educational TV even exists in this country. Agreed, but looking at the ratio of educational networks to other, it's clear they're in the minority. Just like us, because we watch them.

Oh well, let's see what's on TV...

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