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Kami is both paper and god in Japanese...

Ironic, as God seemed to get his hate on when I tried to print my paper for class.

I'd made the outline for the class last night, and all that needed to be done was print the 40 copies for the class. No problem, I figure, I'll just stop by the library tomorrow after Japanese and print them out. All I had to do first was see my art professor to talk about glazes for my project.

Well, she decided to talk WAY longer than expected. I got out of there at 11:05, and class starts at 11:30. I go to the library and pop my disc into the computer. Well, the first computer just didn't function, and I had to shut it down. The second and third ones wouldn't accept my password. I get a friend I see in the library to help me, and the computer he picks won't read the disk at all. We go to another one, and finally pull up the paper. Yet, it won't print on the printer up here. Don't worry, he says, I'll tell it to print downstairs. So, we set it up, it goes through, and I go downstairs to find that printer is JAMMED. It's now about 11:25. We try three more computers to print it upstairs, but the connections are fuxored up or something. I'm about to cry, so I look downstairs again. Thankfully, the jam had been repaired and I grabbed my 40 outlines and RAN. I even took off my shoes to go faster. I made it to class at about 11:31, and breathlessly handed Professor Tian the outlines.

Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper.

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