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"Look, there's that bloody recluse again. Fed up of seeing him."

It's a chilly, late autumn day. And I am in the mood to savor solitude.

I went to class, and have stayed in since then. And the boys were right, Chroma is something everyone should check out. At least, those weird enough to appreciate it ^_~

I'm finishing up reading the play "How I Learned to Drive" by Paula Vogel. This woman is such a great writer. She not only approaches her subject matter from a unique angle, but then proceeds to write about it with amazing dialogue and soliloquy (it is a play, remember). "How I Learned to Drive" is her Pulitzer Prize winning play, and the one I'm currently doing a monologue from. I enjoy it so much, I'm going to make an entry about just that play.

I wish I had my Jonathan Creek tapes with me here. I'm really in the mood to watch some really good BBC. Guess my Monty Python will have to do for now.

I'll be around, but don't expect me to be social ^_^

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