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29 November 2001 @ 10:17 am
(Evil^infinity)^1/2= Math, or, Math is the root of all evil...  
Ever since I was a child, there is no subject I have disliked more than math. I have always had dreams that I didn't do my math homework, or forgot to take a test, and would wake up and run downstairs to my backpack to make sure I indeed did any and all work, only to find most of the time it was only in my dream.

Well, for the first time in a while, I had another math-mare (math nightmares get their own word, I hate them so). I dreamt I was supposed to write a paper on the mathematical principles for a song with unusual mathematic sequences. I hadn't done it, though. James MacDonald, who sat in front of me in my dream, had done a paper on Radiohead's Street Spirit, I think. I scrambled to think of something to do or to tell the teacher. Mr. Yuhas, my pre-cal teacher from high school, was the instructor, and he came over to my desk, saw I had no paper, and told me I was failed out of the class.
I woke up, terrified of math failure as always, and I actually had to sit there and convince myself I wasn't going to fail math because I'M NOT TAKING ANY MATH COURSES THIS SEMESTER.

Really, I hate math so much it gives me bad dreams. And they genuinely scare me. I'm such a dork.
Mood: tiredtired