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I say, "Deliver me from clever art"...

Sorry, Tyler, but that is exactly what I seek on this project. Fittingly enough, I can't sleep, and since I don't have the materials here to start it, I'll write about it instead.

We got the assignment sheet last Friday, and it reads, in its entirety:
Design something for a person who has been blind since birth.

That's it. Anything goes. For some reason, the very first idea that comes to me, almost immediately after reading it, is to make a movie poster. A movie poster of Fight Club. That was the picture, right away, and while I looked at other ideas, I kept coming back to that one. And so, I am creating a Fight Club poster a blind person could appreciate.

I bought the actual poster today as a starting point. It's something I'd like to have anyway, so I didn't begrudge the $7 it set me back. I'm sure most of you would recognize it to see it. The woman tried to convince me to buy the new one, witht he film review on it, but how was I supposed to explain? "No, I want this one because it's easier to make for blind people." I simply declined.

The plan now is to take the measuements from this poster, likely a little tracing to get each shape right, and then, go to work in clay, primarily. I think I'm actually going to give them clothes by cutting up old shirts and things and put them into the piece. I'm also debating getting my haircut soon and using the cut hair on Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Granted, they aren't blonde, but then agian, it is for blind people, so that's irrelevant. I'll write the main text in Braille, including FIGHT CLUB on the soap. I'm strongly considering using a thin layer of real soap on top of the clay to add a more realistic feel (and I do mean tactile sensation in this case) to the poster. I'm also going to play part of the soundtrack as part of its presentation, probably the song with Brad Pitt on repeat. If I had the equipment, I would have liked to make it so there was a button you press on the poster to get the song to play, but I have neither the budget nor the know-how to pull off something like that successfully, so I think I'll be sticking with a CD player instead. I'm considering scenting it with one of two different smells: Popcorn or soap. Input on that would be appreciated ::hint hint, comment, hint hint::

While I was thinking this over, it occured to me that if I do this really well, it would be the first time perhaps that a blind person could actually get input on the appearance of a movie star. A first glimpse at Brad Pitt for someone without sight. Being able to put physical characteristics to Edward Norton's voice. No one who is actually blind is ever going to come into contact with it probably, but the idea was rather interesting to me.

It's amazing how visual a people we are. The fact that some people just can't see must alter their perception in such a sight-oriented world. Yet, without having the knowledge of sight, how would they ever know that? It makes me wonder how very different our evolution would have been if we'd never had sight.

You are not your bank account. You are not the car you drive. You are not your fucking khakis. You are, however, often a product of the things you've seen in your life. This may just be a movie poster for a rather silly art class in the long run, but it's got me thinking.

This is going to be fun.

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