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16 November 2001 @ 01:35 pm
Because I'm that sexy...  
Okay, here's a happy story:

I signed up to take Theater 204 Improvisation next semester. It sounded like a really interesting course, and I was hoping I'd get in.

Yesterday, I get a call from Donna in the Theater Department that you have to be taking technical theater 120 concurrently or prior to taking 204. I don't WANT to take tech theater. I've done my share of tech stuff now and through high school, and I just don't like it. So, I sigh, hear I'll be deferred, feel sad, and generally curse the requirement. Seems like there'll be no improv for me.

Today, though, I come home to find a message on my machine. It's Donna again, telling me that for those of us who couldn't take tech theater, the requirement has been waved! I'll be able to take 204 after all! I'm pre-registered and all set to go! That so made my day ^_^

All that's left to do today is study for my Japanese test(S), write a 6-8 page paper, memorize a monologue and go to work. No problem, right? Hehe...well, at least I got into Theater.

Musical Note: U-Penn Off the Beat is a pretty neat group of people who do some damn good a cappella song covers. This is one of the best ones.
Mood: energeticenergetic
Music: U-Penn Off the Beat - Don't Stand So Close to Me