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Yeah, like the lawyer in "The Usual Suspects"...

While in a classroom setting, Kobayashi-sensei can be a bit intimidating, she's amazingly funny in regular life. I shall illustrate:

If you don't already know about them, I have a pair of HUGE JNCO jeans. I literally fit into one leg of these things. They're a lot of fun to wear, if you ask me, and for only $20, I couldn't pass them up (They were originally $100). I wore them once into the Knowlton dining room, and she says "Kennedy-san, ookii jeans desu, ne!" (Those are BIG jeans, aren't they!) She asked if it was a new fashion, and I explained it wasn't, I was just crazy. Still, they were deemed "kawaii" by her, and she liked them. Now though, every time I DON'T wear them, she comments that I'm wearing small jeans. She asked a group of students in my class if they had big jeans like mine. Whenever I walk into a room wearing them, her topic of conversation immediately changes to my jeans.

Today, I go to her office to make up a check-up quiz I missed yesterday (I stayed home from all my classes, I wasn't feeling so hot). I take the quiz, it's only about five minutes, and talk briefly with her about who wasn't in class (Nishio-sensei teaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays). I'm getting ready to go, and she spots my Misato key chain on my bag. "Heeee! Nihon no desu, ne?" (Wow! That's Japanese, right?") I say yes, and she asks me if it's from Sailor Moon, and I explain it's from Evangelion. She thought that was pretty cool, though I like how she said, "Ookii 'eyes', desu yo...'unrealistic' desu, ne." I don't think I need to translate that one for you ^_^. It was just she was so amazed, it was really funny.

Kobayashi-sensei ga omoshiroi desu yo!

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