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31 October 2001 @ 03:57 pm
They have mondos in Japan, too...  
In Japanese, the word deshyoo shows that the person speaking is either being politely vague or isn't sure about something. Deshyoo ka is asking a question with that same uncertainty. Saying deshyoo ka ne is asking a question and looking for confirmation more from yourself than the person you are addressing.

My tutor Dave says, "It's more of an personal question than a real question. Like 'Oh yes, where is it, anyway?' You're asking yourself, not the other person."

"So basically," I say "It's an internal question said out loud." He tells me that's correct.

Gotta love the Japanese ^_^
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Paulcepcion on October 31st, 2001 01:06 pm (UTC)
the japanese are pretty kickass people, but their language is damn hard to learn.

Mellen: Kawaii Fayeabsentmammoth on October 31st, 2001 02:56 pm (UTC)
I had that link in my journal a little while ago, too ^_^