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Obsession at the highest level...

Alright people, just because it was so much fun to see what you all said about my hair color, here is some additional information about changing the color.

Part of the reason I'm considering changing the color is not only to have fun with it and make a change, but to see what would work out the best for cos-playing. For those of you that don't know this term, let me explain. When one goes to an anime convention, such as Anime Expo or Otakon, and you dress up to look like one of your favorite anime characters, that's called cos-play. I really want to do this, sad and pathetic as this may sound...that and sing "The Real Folk Blues" karoke, but that is another matter entirely...

So, anyway, here's the deal. If I were to leave my hair blonde, the options are a bit limited. I could be any number of blonde, bishounen (pretty boy) villians, but I do not desire to do such. Instead, I would be Ritsuko Akagi most likely. Actually, a lot of people have told me I should be her, and since I have most of the items needed to cosplay as her, this is a strong posibility. I'd just need someone to come with me as Gendo, hehe.

Now, there are a few more posibilities if my hair was red. My first choice with red hair is Inaho Hitomebore of Master of Mosquiton, a most amusing OVA and series. This has several costume choices, unlike Ritsuko, and for attention to detail, I have blue eyes like Inaho, while Ritsuko has green ones. Another option is the ever popular Asuka Langley Souyru, another red-head with blue eyes. Still, I think I'd be able to pull of Inaho better.

Now, the color blue opens a few doors for anime characters. Instant favorite: Misato Katsuragi of Evangelion...which I most likely couldn't pull off ::sigh:: Still, for a different shade of blue in Evangelion, there is Rei Ayanami. I'm just about as pale as she is, after all.

Now, again, what you say really won't decide for me, but it's been interesting hearing what people have to say, so feel free to continue. Metallic midnight blue was an interesting suggestion I'm considering, we'll see. Also, if you're an otaku (anime fanatic), any other character suggestions would be welcome to. I will cos-play, someday, mark my words...

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