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Solid good work...

I forget how nice it is to work with my hands sometimes. Making the molds in art has been very rewarding, actually. It gets out my tension and the product is actually coming out very well. My art teacher said I was one of the few students in the class who has a future in mold making. I really enjoy it too...working with the clay and the plaster feels really good. It reminds me why I wanted to take this class...granted, I had to go through the newspaper thing to get to this point, but it's really paying off. I needed this class as a pre-requisite to ceramics, and I think I'll take that sometime next year. It just makes me feel so good to do something with physical evidence of a job well done.

Today was also midterm day in Theater 104. I'd worked the piece over the weekend, and I changed the ending. I performed it, and during notes, Rob (the professor) said "You changed the ending..." and I was seized with a moment of fear... "and it really worked. How did you decide to change it?" I smiled and told him, but it was so nice to know I'd made a good call. All my notes were positive ones, and it made me feel good.

Considering I had hardly any time to study for my Japanese interview this afternoon, it went surprisingly well. Talking to Kobayashi-sensei later for my pre-registration, I told her Dave Simpson (second year student, and dorm friend of mine) and I had worked out a tutoring schedule, and she was pleased to hear it. She thinks we'll both really benefit from it, and I hope she's right. I really want to do well in this class.

I also turned in my pre-registration paper. I'm trying to take Japanese 102, Theater 204, Religion 101 and History 116 (Foundations of Japanese History). I'm filling my general education requirements, and hopefully, I'll get into all these classes.

I've been running all day, so now, it's time to take a shower and get the mold soap out of my hair ^_^

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