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Red, Blonde, and Blue...

Alright, unlike some of the things I try and let my brain sort through, a rather superficial one has arisen. I'm thinking about dying my hair. The current colors I'm looking at are a natural red, like the color hair I was born with, and a deep blue, similar to Misato's hair color, if you catch the reference. I think these colors would be fun and interesting for a couple reasons. Red would be interesting, so as to see what my hair would look like had it not naturally turned blonde when I was 6 months old. Blue, on the other hand, is my favorite color, and my hair would probably take the dye very well, and it would match nearly my entire wardrobe. However, in both instances, there is the fading process to consider. I would get permanent dye, but I dunno...

If anyone doesn't recall my hair-dying experience of two years ago, here's a breif overview. For a show, we needed to give me dark hair, so, a couple of people went out, bought some black hair dye, and then I dyed it. It was black for one day, dark brown for about 3, and then grey for another 2-3 months. Some people liked the silver look...I, however, was not one of them. To make things worse, in the sunlight, it reflected this strange pink color. It was not the most pleasant of experiences.

For that very reason, some people will no doubt tell me NOT to dye my hair again. It took forever to get the blonde back, so I ought to keep it that way. And, if truth be told, my hair really is a very cool color. "Golden rose" is what my hairdresser calls it, and she knows my hair pretty well, having done it since I was about 7 years old. I'd be unable to get a hair cut unless it was before I dyed it, or after it came out, because she would simply be ashamed to see me change the color. It seems to come back just fine, though, so no worries there.

So, I'm curious what other people think. Red, blue, or stay with the blonde. And if so, should I get a different haircut to accompany this change? Your opinions will by no means make or break my desicion, but I'd like some feedback. Thanks.

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