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Bad, bad girl...

I was up late last night and just couldn't sleep. So, I decided to go into the common room about 1ish and watch some TV. TLC had a very interesting program about ejection seats, and then some good ol' fashioned murder-solving shows. I think I fell asleep around 2:30ish in front of the television.

I awoke at around 8:45, and do you know what I did? I rolled over and went back to sleep. I didn't go to Japanese!! I said "It's a Nishio-sensei day, that means no real quizzes, I'm already late, and getting ready will make me ULTRA late. I get three absences a semester...I've already gone on all my sick days, I might as well take a health one."

I have now missed my first Japanese class. However, it will more than likely be the last one I skip.

I'm so bad!!

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