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Sincere apologies...

In my journal, I've said some rather mean things about Kathryn. Only, they were never truly intended to hurt anyone...they were just me letting off steam in the wrong place. Sadly, what I've done is really hurt someone, and that hurts me even more. So I'm writing this to apologize to her, because I was completely off-base about what I said.

Kathryn Baga is a beautiful, funny, intelligent person who worked just as hard as the rest of us to be here today. She's not by any means stupid or any of the other things I may have implied about her personally. In fact, maybe I said those things because I'm a bit jealous of her. That however, is truly no excuse for the things I've said.

I really do like Kathryn, and it's my shortcomings that have created this problem. Strike from the record the comments I've was cruel and wrong of me to have said those things...I just hope she's able to forgive me...

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