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Pennies from heaven will find their way to your door...

Or five dollar bills will find their way to my purse! It's so weird. Two days in a row I have opened my purse to find a five dollar bill that wasn't there before. I have no idea where they are coming from! I keep my purse with me most of the time, and in sight at the very least wherever I take it. Yet, this mysterious money just keeps popping up. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I'm just mystified...

This is just like the magic paperclip. I was sick one day, so I sent my homework and money for a field trip clipped to it in with my sister, who brought it to my teacher (Mrs. Holmberg, for those of you who are wondering). The amount was exactly fifteen dollars. She wasn't in her room, so Kathleen dropped it off on her desk. My sister returned later in the day to make sure Mrs. H had indeed gotten the homework and money she'd left. "Oh yes," said the teacher, "and here's the change. She gave me $30 dollars". I received $15 in change for a trip I only paid $15 for. Kath's conclusion was therefore that the paperclip was magic, and money placed in it duplicates itself. Sadly, she didn't think to ask for the clip with the change...

If my purse now has the power to spontaneously produce $5 bills, though, I'm certainly not letting Mrs. Holmberg have it.

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