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Left, left, left, right, left...

I hate this on again off again sick thing I've been having. I was fine yesterday, and today, I feel like total crap! Nose, throat, head just in pain. I think someone came in while I was asleep and, I dunno, stuffed them with cotton.

Worse yet, today, I've been dizzy and I've been having trouble walking. I keep leaning to the left. I noticed it walking back from Japanese...I literally could not stay straight without concentrating on it really hard. Either the left side of my body has grown allergic the right side and is trying to stay as far away as it can from it, or I have some sort of inner ear problem. I don't particularly like either of those things. I decided not to go to theater for fear of trying to get into a yoga position and falling over, both hurting and embarrassing myself.

And to top it all off, I have a very painful canker sore on my upper lip. Even if I HAD lucky rocket ship underpants, I don't think they would help.

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