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03 October 2001 @ 03:16 am
Cultural studies...  
All my roomies are in bed by about 2, so I decide to be conscientious and leave the room to read my book, seeing as I'll be laughing pretty loud reading this book. I go to the common room, where for the night, we have a security guard. I say I'm just gonna be reading, don't mind me. Then I start to laugh. He asks me what I'm reading, and I tell him, and end up in this long discussion with him about speaking and writing Japanese, and then into Japanese culture. I wrote his name for him in katakana, and he was very enthusiastic. He took down the name and author of my text books, and intends to try and start studying himself.

Sadly, at 3 a.m., I've finished neither the book or my studying. I have, however, made one security guard decide to take up Japanese. Perhaps I was more productive than intended, or perhaps I just wasted an hour. I'll leave that for him to decide, I suppose.
Mood: pensivepensive