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One liners...

They're great because they make sense to very few people, but those who get it know that it's hilarious. Here are a few from the past weekend (would have been sooner, but the internet was out again, ugh).

"I got paid!!"

"The hood makes me incognito"

"If I was John Cusack, he would so be jealous!"

"Welcome to Jurassic Park, hit me as hard as you can, are you not entertained, you complete me"

"And if it's still tied, they do a three-legged sack race across the field"

"Some say he grew a beard and still lives there...but that's a damned lie!!"

"Yeah, we fell asleep"

"You smelly bum!!"

"Why can't it be my sweater?!"

"That one looks like a badly mutilated monkey"

"It was crazy, I got to shower without shoes!"

"I'm the fucking Golden MacChild"

"It's neutral. Like eating a sandwich"

27 hours ^_^ Worth every second.

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