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At least they have a decent connection...

Writing entries at WHS is a little bit disheartening. It's not my computer, and I don't have my music, any food, etc. Still, it's better than sitting in study hall with a bunch of obnoxious freshmen who think throwing paper footballs at you is the pinacle of hilarity.

I really hate being one of the only people I know left in high school. I've always been friends with older people, and now, I'm left with only a few really true friends I can see on a regular basis. Sure, I can talk to them on the computer, but it's no substitute for actually speaking or visiting with them. You can't truly "hang out" with them. It's just not...real, I suppose. Still, I think I became glued to the computer because it's the only way I can really still talk with them, find out how they are, and in general "spend time" with them. High school is just the place I go during the day so that I can get good enough grades to get into college. It isn't a community of people I care about, or even an environment where I truly learn anything.

I can't wait to go to college. It's the opportunity to get away from the confinement of my home, learn things I actually CARE about, and make new friends. No one reminisces about the wonderful times they have in high school. High school is not a fun place to be, by any means. It feels like a prison that all my friends escaped from, and I alone was left in.

Maybe I'll miss this when it's over. Maybe I'll miss waking up at 6:00am, maybe I'll miss riding the bus, maybe I'll miss the classes I couldn't care less about, maybe I'll miss the people who irritate me, maybe I'll miss the hours of pure misery I put in each week. However, I highly doubt it.

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