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Hai, wakarimasu...

I practiced in the common room of my dorm for about 3 hours yesterday. Just me and my walkman. By the time I got to bed, I think I must have said "I understand" a hundred times, along with every other phrase in the book.

Today, class proved it was worth it. I was completely comfortable...and correct.

Having my own copy of the tape has really helped me study and also helps boost my confidnence. I even listen to it in my sleep. Even though studies show it proabably has no effect on my ability to learn Japanese, it helps me become more confident, and that's what the idea really is.

I will be very busy a lot of the time with all my studies. I don't mean to ignore any of my friends or loved ones. However, if the study helps me this much, you can bet I'll be doing a lot of studying.

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