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Mundane adventures...

According to Patrick Bradley, I'm dead. I assure you, while it has been a long time, I am back. More like a coma than death, I would suppose. I have been orienting since Saturday, and using my roommates computer, as mine currently has not been fully set up and also lacks a keyboard.

I have met the roommates. Amanda and I get along really well, and along with a girl across the hall named Ellen, we've formed a pretty good friendship already. Amy, who was here all of August for the science program, already has lots of friends, and is out a good deal of the time. Kathryn we have nicknamed "Hime-chan" or "Little Princess". She's a nice person, but has that air of "I'm better than you are," but in that naive way that when she broke a picture frame glass piece, she asked us if there was a glasscutter who would make her a new one.

The room is big, but just enough for four people in the end. My dad is building me a loft, which will free up a lot of space, and he'll build one for any of my roommates who wants one too. Frankly, it feels like two doubles divided in half: Amanda and I have one side, Amy and Kathryn the other. All that's missing is the wall in between.

I've met a bunch of other new and interesting people, but I won't go into all that now. Maybe later ^_^

Today is registration. I have three of my four classes guaranteed already (Japanese 101, Art 100B, and Theater 104). I have chosen Comparative Politics as my next choice, because it sounds interesting and also fulfills a General Education Requirment, but I'm prepared with several back-ups.

Some very cool news: There is a TRIP (Travel Research Imersion Program) going to Japan for two weeks at the end of spring semester. Only 101/102 students get to go. It's an all expences paid trip from the school. Guess who gets to go in the spring ^_^ ATASHI!!

Well, if you've made it this far, you're a brave soul. You'd be even braver to get in touch with me to chit chat about it ^_^ I am living in 112 Knowlton House, and my number is 439-3672 (a two respect point question: Who else's number has the same last four digits in that order?)

And Eddie, if you read this, sorry I missed you! I'll call you today during the daylight hours.

I'm sorry I'm so busy...hopefully it will all calm down eventually. Ja ne, minna-san.

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