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Nihongo wa hanasemasu...

Well, despite being the self-proclaimed problem child of the class of 2005, I recieved good news from my college today. I got the specialty housing I requested. I will be living in 112 Knowlton House, the international language dorm. I have three roomates, two from Rhode Island and one from Florida. I suppose the biggest problem with the language dorm is the fact I'll have several roomates, due to the size I believe. Still, with 3 roomates, I'm bound to get along with one of them, or at least, that's my reasoning. I assume they all will be taking Japanese, but you never know, life does like to play tricks on you. I'm really happy about it though, and tomorrow, I'm calling them all, Amy, Kaitlyn and Amanda, to figure out who brings what. I'm sure they'll be happy not to have to lug stuff too far if they know I'm only 20 minutes (as the mom drives) from school.

I've got the week off for orientation and moving in. I talked to Bob, and he was good about me taking it off, and I addressed the fact come the end of the month I may not come back. I promised to keep him informed about my schedule and stuff, and we'll see how it works out.

Overall, I've had a pretty good day. Something upset me late tonight though, and I'm not sure what it is. That upsets me even more. Still, I've done some talking with a friend, and I feel a bit better. We'll see, I guess. For now, I'm gonna try and stay in a good mood.

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