Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

inanimate objects keep dying on me

today, my mp3 player met its end, at the very start of the day no less.

on the way to work, just out of the door, i pulled it out of my purse to choose the music before i got to the car, to save a little time. it slipped out of my grasp on the stairs. short of defenestration, stairs are absolutely without a doubt the worst places to drop things. they hit and bounce and hit and bounce until they've come to a stop at the bottom. such was the case with my poor little mp3 player. i knew it would be the end of her. i felt it in my gut as she slid out of my hands. after picking it up, it would turn on, but only to make an unpleasant whirring noise then say, "Error! Cannot Read from Disk" and gave me only one option: power off. ::sigh::

she didn't have long to live, i know that. she wasn't holding a charge the way she should have, and she would randomly shut down on me more and more frequently. but it was a slow, steady degradation. i was holding out buying a new one because this one still had at least a few months left in her. but instead of a long, lingering illness, she went out with a bang. like a cancer patient getting hit by a bus. poor old girl.

though i mourn, i am not overcome by grief. i spent my free periods at work today looking up replacements. these new-fangled mp3 players have more space and functions than my old one, and cost less than mine did when i bought it. i really can't complain about that too much. i looked through a few choices and purchased one online this evening. for that week or so before it arrives, a friend has been kind enough to offer the use of an ipod shuffle, which is much appreciated.

still, let this post serve as gravestone for my little archos gxmini. may she rest in peace.

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