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Good News, Bad News, Good News

my family skyped me today with some crazy news.

first the good news was that Dave came home today. the vet called them to say he was eating (which he hadn't been), and that he could go home for a while with some medication. it won't make him better, but it'll keep him from being in too much pain, and he can spend a little more time at home rather than never coming back from the vet like they'd thought was the case. he may only be home a couple days, could be a while, the vet couldn't say for sure. i was glad to hear this though, cuz i know i would want to go home first if i was Dave.

bad news came next. my father and my sister got into a car accident last night. another car lost control on the highway and hit them in the right lane. they spun around 360 degrees and went over the curb onto an embankment. thankfully, no one was hurt. except Tula, my car. they've been using it in my absence since it makes no sense to just let it sit. looks like she gave her all to keep my dad and sister safe. I'm amazingly glad they're okay, but the news my car is dead makes me kind of sad. it was my first car!

skype dropped out on my family's call, so that was all the news i got, but that's still a lot. but i'm still sleepy, so with more good than bad, i'm going back to sleep.

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