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Mushroom Samba...

The biggest problem with food in my house is that there is either nothing to eat, or there is too much good food at one time to eat all of it. Right now, the latter of the two dilemmas has emerged.

This usually happens when Mom and Dad have been entertaining. This time, it was his "train friends", the people who come over to run the trains, watch slides of trains, and generally discuss train related things.

Today, there is cheesecake, fresh fruit salad, tomato soup, Chinese food ordered for me while I was at work, more rice than you can shake a stick at, pickles, every kind of soda I like, and lemon sherbert. I feel like Yuuki Miaka, and if you catch the reference, you know how dreaded that can be.

To top it all off though, the best dish of all is asleep on the sofa =^ . ^= That's for a hunger of a different kind, I suppose.

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