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After a voracious read (about a hundred pages a day for 6 days), i have finished Kafka on the Shore.

What is it about Murakami that moves me so? Though I'm usually a very slow reader, I seem to just whip through his novels, compelled and propelled from start to finish in what for me is no time at all. In translation, it's probably not as eloquent as it is in Japanese, but honestly, it's not the writing style per se that draws me in. Characters come and go, fulfilling their purpose and then disappearing. Observations and actions may or may not have any purpose. Paths may lead nowhere, or even to anti-climax. But the way everything just melts into a dream that takes you to another reality secretly nestled inside the one you see everyday outside the book. Reading his novels just seems to remind me to look for it. And it's easier to find than one might think.

It was a good day to finish. Now that I'm registered for the JLPT, I'll need to spend more time studying. But I won't forget the toughest 15 year-old in the world for some time.

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