Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

back from Tokyo Orientation! things there went really well i think. there weren't very many folks at the vegetarian seminar, but that's okay, since the elementary one i did was packed! that was what i really went there to do, after all. i got some good feedback from the new JETs, so that made me really happy, as that was where my passion in this whole thing was. working at the airport and seeing people from areas i don't usually visit was also fun. i even got to see Ryoko, my Japanese little sister, for the first time in two years. She's such a cute Japanese woman now! crazy.

met all the new people in my area arriving this orientation (we have 102 new JETs in Hyogo, so we got the first 54, the next batch will be arriving in about a week). i was kind of scared to meet Ayako, but the fact she brought a banjo with her has made me feel like she'll probably be pretty cool to live and work with. i'm sure i come off as a nutcase at first, but i grow on people...right? All the newbies do seem really nice though, and i'm really hoping i'll be able to help them out and that they don't think i suck, hehe.

now, it's time to chill out with a beer and relax a little before i have to start preparing this place to be Hotel Mellen this weekend.

remind me later to tell you all the story of "dead baby candy" though. it's a good one.

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