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16 July 2007 @ 02:36 am
I've just finished watching Kon Satoshi's latest film, パプリカ (Paprika). Once again, he does not disappoint.

For those not familiar with his work, I strongly recommend all his films and his television series. That said, imagine if The Cell not only looked pretty, but was a good movie. A good animated movie. With great music. If that appeals to you, check this film out.

For those that do know and enjoy Kon's work, Paprika is another luscious serving of his surrealistic style. it does have some of the same overtones as Paranoia Agent, the psychological mingling with reality, but obviously it's more cohesive than Paranoia Agent since it's not a TV show. The animation and music are as high quality as you'd expect, of course.

My only complaint is that it's a little bit anti-climatic towards the very end, but that wouldn't hold me back from recommending it. Beautiful and thoroughly entertaining.

I saw the DVD in the store the other day and had wanted to buy it, but it had no English subtitle track. While I'd probably get the gist of it, I'd miss the subtlies and I couldn't really show it to non-Japanese speaking friends. I figured if I could download a sub that would be more useful for free, why buy the DVD? Let that be a lesson to you, whatever company that put out the DVD! You lost a customer! I know ゲド戦記 (Ged's War Chronicle) comes with English subtitles AND an English language track (not that I'd watch it, but still!), so what's YOUR excuse, ne?
Mood: approving
Music: listening to the end credits music again...it's so good!