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Special Chord Club Rocks!

so as i mentioned in this post, i recently visited a very amusing t-shirt store. the store is called Starvations, and i bought two shirts there. one of them has a picture of guitar, a couple music notes and says "SPECIAL CHORD". robin had recognized instantly this was a shirt i needed to have, and she was right! and of course, in the rockin' style of my man Bowie, i got it in electric blue.

i wore it one night last week and it instantly inspired awe and jealousy in those who saw it, including kelly. i was actually intending to go to the mall in kakogawa with Barbara the next day, including a stop at Starvations. I offered anyone interested a membership in the Special Chord Club (formed that very instant!), all that was needed was to pay the membership dues (1400 yen, amazingly the exact price of a Special Chord shirt). i had a couple of takers, and the next day, i procured some rockin' shirts for the new members.

when i got home, i had an induction ceremony for kelly (which basically involved giving her the shirt and making her try it on). as always, because mine was blue, kelly's had to be red or pink, and they had a great shade of pink. to make it official, kelly had a photoshoot of us rockin' the shit in our member shirts. her guitar was close at hand, so of course it had to make an appearance too! this is where all those rock faces come from. i guess i have to actually learn to play the guitar so i can make these faces on stage someday, heh.

but without further ado, enjoy the first meeting of the Special Chord Club's first two members!

look how pretty a kelly is! look at me pretending to play! at least the face is good...this was rock option one.

rock option three came close to winning, but i think this picture is even better with kelly in it! look at her and her knowing how to make special chords!

no one can stop my rock! not even kelly looking at me like i'm ridiculous! the winner of my little vote, i think i do look like i'm rocking hardest here, don't you agree?

that's just a sampling of the glory that is Special Chord Club. hope you found it worth the wait, or at least got a laugh from my face.

with the storm over and all the members of Special Chord Club away, i guess i'll have to make my own fun tonight. rockin' out old school to a CD i loved in high school (and that i found used yesterday for 200 yen) sounds like a decent start...

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