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sick monkey!

i guess all my partying and the rainy season combined their powers to give me bronchitis. whee! it may only look like a cold or the flu to somebody else, but i know my body well enough and have had this same condition enough times to know what it is. i'm really prone to bronchitis, so when i start to cough from my lungs, i know the sooner i go to the doctor the better.

after doing my best to teach sixth graders second and third period (i couldn't call out on them, it's their last english class of the year! the kids were really good though, and behaved exceptionally well because i was sick), i was allowed to excuse myself and go to the doctor. this was my first visit to the doctor in Japan, but i found Dr. Fujigawa to be very pleasant and his english wasn't too bad either. he said it was pretty mild bronchitis, the wheezing in my lungs wasn't too bad thankfully. they gave me some sort of shot, and a script for antibiotics, which is the reason i went to the doctor.

i got to come home after that, watched bits of a samurai movie and took a long nap. probably going to go to bed again a little while after making this post. if i still feel lousy tomorrow, i think i will ask to go home after i finish the classes i have to teach (i don't wanna miss out on the obata shogakko 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders!).

the year is fast approaching an end...i hope i'll get over this quickly enough to enjoy every minute!

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