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fun times at the end of the world

so, i have rocked this weekend with some awesome ladies, in particular the lovely robin, and had a great time.

i saw robin first on thursday when we went to barbara's birthday shindig, which was full of tasty cake and fireworks, whoo! except for barbara almost losing a breast to a bottle rocket, it was a great time.

then on friday, robin, kelly and i went out to sports authority and got some much needed sporting/traveling gear. i got athletic pants that don't suck ass, sun glasses that look good (unheard of for me, i can never find good sun glasses), and some black flipflops to replace the pair i busted in thailand back in march. the three of us then went out for dinner and had a lovely time despite mixups in our orders.

on saturday, we girls decided to hit the sayonara beer garden in kobe, and while we had doubts at first, we were glad we'd gone. we drank our fair share of the drinks, and talked with some awesome people i haven't seen in ages and will maybe never see again (like the girls going home to england or australia). a large group of us then went out dancing until the place closed down, leaving us all sweaty and happy. we had more drinks at a third bar, and just chilled out there for a little bit. robin and i ended up missing the last train, but thankfully there were rooms at the sannomiya toyoko inn that were significantly discounted because we came in at around 2 am.

today we woke up, showered, got breakfast at the hotel, did a little shopping in the sannoymiya area at tokyu hands, and then made our way home. we did end up stopping first in kakogawa to buy new clothes at the mall there (i felt really awkward wearing the halter top i'd been wearing last night), which has a giant uni qlo and a great t-shirt store. then we got out into himeji and had veggie and avocado sandwiches and some cheese at the foreign food store. finally, we made it to our respective home stations, and i walked back here about an hour ago.

an excellent time was had! many thanks to the illustrious robin crowder for putting up with me four days in a row! wow! and i'll be seeing her a fifth day tomorrow to help her with some car-reliant errands. she's a brave girl.

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