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pictures, as promised

these photos are being shown in reverse chronological order, starting with this saturday and the yukata matsuri (the yukata festival in Himeji), the speech contest on wednesday of last week, and finishing up with some quick shots i snapped of my fun new outfit. three very distinct and yet very japanese looks. enjoy!

me, kelly and robin waiting for the train into himeji...

to meet up with the lovely lorelei before dinner. that's all for the yukata matsuri for now, though i may get more pictures later.

here's the Kanzaki-gun ALT players in costume for our skit "Fairy Tale Mystery Date":

from top left it's kelly as alice in wonderland, barbara as pirate elizabeth swann, laurel as sleeping beauty, then colm as shrek, me as stitch, and vinh as the magic mirror gameshow host. you really just had to be there.

a kinda sexy shot of me and kelly. can you believe we were doing this for WORK? i'd wear that costume everyday if it weren't so damn hot, the middle school kids just love it. and yeah, kelly is just that hot no matter what she wears!

and now for the super fun extra special costume bonus:

the maid costume i got for a great price on sale in osaka. yes, the gothic lolita trend has finally made it to the gaijin girls too!

did i mention it has detachable bell sleeves? did i? pretty awesome, no? i'll take some pictures in this again sometime when i don't look so dead-tired.

anyway, those are my current stylings, hope you found them to be as much fun to look at as they were to wear!

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