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29 May 2007 @ 07:04 am
in Kobe for the recontracting conference, and so far, it's been pretty good. the opening presentation was pretty awful because the man giving it spoke with the strangest accent i've ever heard a japanese person use, and there was literally no cohesive point to his talk, but at least he finished half and hour early, hehe. the workshops yesterday were actually pretty informative, and not full of the same old same old boring stuff i'm used to these kinds of conferences being. been meeting some cool people from the western half of the country, and finding it so strange some of these people have never been to Kobe. of course people living in Okinawa haven't been here, but it's like my backyard now.

went out in the evening with some folks from home and some people doing the conference. had some delicious turkish food, a few drinks. then we all went to try and raise money to build a playground for kids in the Philippines by getting people to pay 100 yen to rub Lorelei's belly. we'd raked in a fair chunk of change by the time i left, which was pretty early, around 10 or so.

getting ready now for breakfast and another day of lectures and workshops. hoping it goes as well as yesterday.