Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

new default icon

in case you were wondering, my new icon is a construction paper self-portrait that was part of one of the posters i made for one of my elementary schools. the teachers often ask me to make displays of the lessons i taught the kids so that they have a reminder in that month between visits what it was they were supposed to have learned. the boards that the japanese teachers make are super adorable, so i can't bear not to at least attempt to make my english displays as cute as theirs.

last month, the first graders learned "my name is ________/ how are you?/ i'm good." i made them all name tags, had them repeat after me "my name is (insert japanese kids' name here)", then asked "how are you?" and i had them give thumbs up when they said "i'm good". for the poster, i used myself and a construction paper japanese student to help them remember how we had done the lesson, thumbs up included. i thought my version of me was stunningly accurate, hehe, so i snapped a picture with my cell phone before i finished putting it all together on the board.

the other day, i started making a few new icons, and i thought this would make a good one, especially since i'm feeling so good these days! there's another version on the way to getting posted once i work out the bugs with the size limits LJ has for icons...stay tuned! more icons and posts on the way for anyone interested.

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