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25 March 2007 @ 09:00 am
Day two in Bangkok has been fun, though pretty tiring. We walked through the weekend market, which was pretty overwhelming in it's hugeness and crowdedness. I bought a bikini since I forgot my bathing suit at home, silly me. It cost me about $4.75 American. Everything here is so ridiculously cheap it's hard to fathom. Of course that doesn't mean I'll be saving any money, I'm such a bad girl!

I'm updating in the internet cafe area while Kelly gets a massage, and then it'll be off to dinner and the night market. Tomorrow at 5 am we'll be heading by bus to Koh Tao for the diving/beach portion of our trip, so this will likely be my last post for a while, but we'll see. Kelly and I will be there for 8 days, and I know on one of the nights the neighboring island is having a full moon festival/party we plan on attending. We'll do our best to document everything to share with you folks back home.

And since I'm not in Japan right now, no one has to worry about me being in that earthquake, even though it wasn't too close to our area. Again, love from Bangkok, and looking forward to sharing all the pictures with you!