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So the first social gathering I've organized since coming to Japan went off relatively well! I had a great time, and I think more than a few of the other folks enjoyed themselves too! Despite craziness with missed trains in the morning, 8 of us met up and headed to Osaka. We made a brief stop at Yodobashi Camera, and then it was off to Spa World!

Spa World was definitely one of the most fun places for a group of people to go. We started off on the co-ed pool level (bathing suits needed here), which had a large circular pool, several kinds of waterslides (some free, some with a small fee), an outdoor hot tub area, and a little cafe. We all did the waterslides more than a few times, and me and Robin and Regan even paid to get our asses scared silly on one of the more intense inflatable tube slides where you basically slide down a large amount of tubing to build up momentum to be propelled straight up a water slide wall and come back down. good times. after some food, the group of us split up to do different things. A couple people went to "Doctor Fish", where special fish eat the dead skin cells off your feet, some went to get massages, and I went with a few other girls to the ladies' onsen. Spa World has two different levels of onsen, one Asian floor and one European floor. Each month, these themed floors switch between being men's and women's floors. We came when it was women on the European level. There were many different areas, with different kinds of baths supposedly from European tranditions. Finland had a hot sauna and cold cold bath. There was a milk and honey bath designed to be like the Blue Grotto in Italy, and a large hot bath with Grecian-Roman statues. The Atlantis room had walls of fish, and a shark that swam in a glass tank under the floor of the bath itself. There was a mud wash and a salt sauna in another area, not sure what cultures they were supposed to be though. The best part may have been the naked cafe though, were you can sit and drink and eat ice cream in the buff! fun times indeed. And because there's a special promotion at this time of the year, entrance to all these wonders was a mere 1000 yen (a little less than $10)!

After all these watery adventures, it was time for me and a few of my friends to head over to the !!! show. The venue was nice, not too large of course, and well attended. I was surprised the majority of the audience was Japanese, as the Deerhoof show had been about a 50/50 mix of gaijin and Japanese fans. The opening act was a DJ, and while he was pretty good, !!! rocked the shit out of the place. I can't remember the last time I danced (and sweated!) so much at a show. While the tickets had been pricier than I would have liked, in the end, I'd say it was totally worth it. Their new album is really fun, and you should give it a listen, but obviously it's not even a dull comparison to the energy and NOISE of the real show. My ears are still ringing! Good times. And since this is Japan, the concert was done by 9:15, and with good luck on timing, we were on a train home by 9:40. It was a good thing, because we were exhausted, and as it was we didn't get home til around 12 midnight.

All in all, I had a great day, and I think most of the people I dragged along enjoyed it too. Looking forward now to making plans for my next big adventure...Kelly and I are going to Thailand for spring break! Wheee!! Catch you all again later, time for lunch now.

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