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what a fuckin' day. i'm feeling really sick (i'm actually pretty concerned about my health right now, i'm just not getting better), but i have to not only work my regular hours at the elementary school, but i've also got to go to one of my other schools after work because the crazy freak-out teacher there wants to "practice" our lesson for thursday, since it's parents observation day and she's completely re-written my lesson for that. then, on the way into work, i realized something was wrong with my car, and pulled into the first gas station i saw on the way to find i had a completly flattened tire. the people at the mobil were kind enough to call my school and explain it to them, and while i drove in the rest of way to work on my spare, i'll need to buy a new tire after work, and that'll put me back another 7800 yen i would rather not have spent right now. after finally getting into work, i get an email from my sister saying my dad is back in the hospital with a fever and the doctors can't figure out what's wrong.

so yeah, on top of the shittiness of today, it seems this is the second time i've had to post this entry, as for some reason the first time didn't take.

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