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well, vacation is over and it's back to school again. the worst part of being back at work is honestly having to get up in the morning. if school started at like 11 or noon, i'd be much more eager to get the day started. ater today of course is the meeting with the elementary school s about this month's lessons. this is one of the other things i don't much care for in my job.

still, school starting means most of my friends are back from their holiday trips, and they all get to hang out and play with me and patrick while he's still here! the vacaneymoon isn't over yet!! we're gonna try and make a mad dash for Kobe and then get back in time to go to the Tsujis' (a principal of one of the elementary schools and his wife the ikebana ) for tea ceremony. and next week we%2 l be trying to make it to a Deerhoof/OOIOO show in Osaka after school. we are also still trying to get a nintendo DS for patrick, and maybe one for me!

well, time to talk to some jr. high kids about my winter vacation and make them tell me about theirs. hopefully at least a few of their papers will end up being funny enough to share. that's a definite perk of the job.

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