Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

at school with nothin' to do

while i really love my job, the one thing i actually dislike the most is a day where i have no classes and nothing to prepare for, like today. i had one class scheduled today, but that teacher is kinda flighty and forgot they were taking a test. this particular guy is ALWAYS cancelling or adding a class at the very last minute too, he drives me crazy. anyway, with winter vacation fast approaching (along with exams for the kids), there isn't anything for me to do here at work. no classes coming up next week to prepare for, and i won't even have another japanese lesson myself until mid-january. so, i feel completely and utterly useless, and even if i did sit and study all day at my desk or try to read a book, it wouldn't be like i'm doing any actual work-related work.

i also feel bad for the schools sometimes. i mean, there are only two ALTs and eight schools, and they don't get to decide when they do or don't have us. it's all scheduled out in advance by the board of education. so there are times when the kids have exams or practice for school events, and there are no classes at all for me to teach. they only get me for a short period of time, and they can't use me. i get really bored and feel bad because i'm not helping. bleh, so wasteful. i could be doing other things outside of work too, but obviously that's out of the question too. having no work at work doesn't mean i get to leave work. and i'm so bored and tired, even with internet. while really busy days with 5 or 6 classes can be stressful, the day goes by quickly. even having just one class makes me feel a little more purposeful.

almost done for today though...

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