Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

Happy Merry Christmas!

This weekend Kelly and Mariko hosted one of the most fun X-mas parties ever. There were tasty desserts and snacks, pretty decorations, and the wine and beer were flowing all night long, with people from around the world!! JETs from all around this side of Hyogo came, as well as former students of Mariko's and some of her Australian friends. Colm came late, but when he did, he really brought the Christmas spirit because he was dressed as Santa Claus!! I got out some of Kelly's reindeer antlers (which turned out to be reflective in the camera's flash!) and it was truly Christmas in Japan! Here are some fun pictures to prove it. A group shot first of everyone who was still there at about midnight or so:

Christmas group

the shock and horror when we discovered it WASN'T REALLY SANTA CLAUS!!

and what might be, imho, one of the cutest pictures of me ever taken:
ah ha! merry xmas!

I'll be coming home in FIVE DAYS to celebrate the real-deal with all my stateside folks, so be prepared!! it'll be party time all over again! and I am SOO bringing these antlers. XOXOXOX X-MAS TO ALL!

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