Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

Yesterday was a crazy crazy day. It started at 3 am when I woke up on the sofa and realized Kelly and I hadn't gotten any lesson planning done for the elementary school teachers meeting the next day. So I quickly wrote up three Christmas lessons, which took about an hour, and then went to bed. I left Kelly a note to look over them in the morning, which she did and emailed to me at school. The meeting was at 3:30, so we got the lessons in to the main teacher just before we had to go to the meeting so she could print copies for everyone. Thankfully, the meeting went pretty well, and the teachers actually gave good feedback on the lessons for a change. I also think I've finally gotten on super crazy psycho teacher's good side, which is a relief. While the plans had to be finished by yesterday to go over, the actual classes won't be taught until Nov. 27th, so we have some time to prepare the actual needed materials.

We then had to go to the Board of Education to sort things out with Kelly's absence and re-arranging the schedule a bit. We also got the usual hassling about this and that, so that was kind of a pain in the ass (along with telling them I no longer needed to go to a doctor for the actual pain in my ass...long story!).

You'd think the day was done, but no. Last night was also our first night of adult conversation classes! For which we had no plans! Whee! Kelly was gracious enough to give me the intermediate class, which is smaller and much easier to work with being that they all have some level of English already. We did introductions and took questions most of the time, and then broke into the two class groups, beginner and intermediate. I asked what the students wanted to discuss, what kinds of lessons I should have, and one of the older gentlemen who helps run the technical aspects of the class, proposed we talk about marriage next class. I said that was oddly appropriate, and shared my news with them, and they were all even more excited to talk about the subject next time. Of course, now the older people are preparing to give me advice! hehe. Patrick, prepare to have your picture passed around the class in two weeks, hehe.

Kelly and I then went home to help her get ready for teaching elementary school tomorrow, the first time in a while! She's a pro though, and I know if I can do it, she can do it better.

So, for having not been prepared for anything yesterday, it all managed to go surprisingly well. But it was definitely a long day.

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